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David Wiltshire another grafting, sleazy MP.

Gosh who would have thought that yet another MP would be caught out pockrting vast amounts of public money?

Well all he need do is follow the Jacqui Smith rule, stand up say he was a naughty boy and promise to be a good little boy from now on and not do it again, honest.

No doubt, even if asked to repay some, he will get away with most of the stolen assets still in his pockets.

Time to take the gloves off and bring in SOCA to sort these bastards out. After all we are supposed to be equal under the law, so if SOCA can be used against fishermen who land a few cod and break some rules then why not MP's?

You steal from an employer you get a criminal record, you steal benefits you get forced to pay it back, so why not use a government agency to seize their homes, close their bank accounts and throw these thieves out on the streets?

Or is it one rule for the plebs and another for the nobles?...

Update, the Devils Kitchen has a few choice words on MP's and it made me laugh:
I want to see those smug smiles wiped off their faces as the handcuffs go on; I want to watch the sense of entitlement dissolve from their stance as they are led away from the dock; and I want to see their arrogance repeatedly and painfully fucked out of them by a huge, mass-murderering bugger—possibly nick-named "Bubba"—who has the word "retribution" tattooed on the back of his neck.