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Empress Blair demands police protection.

Now that it looks like "Honest Tony" is going to be the first Emperor of all Europe, after Ireland voted yes thus making it more likely he will be the the first unelected President of the EU - thats unelected by us after all such important matters have to be decided by the elite of the EU body politic.

We mere plebs were not even given a vote on Lisbon, Gordon considered it and decided that he knew what was best and so no vote for us.

Anyway his wife the Empress has demanded police protection to keep the unwashed plebs and proles at bay.

All kneel plebs for the Holy Empress Blair, royal consort of the New EU Empire.
Scotland Yard has abandoned plans to scale down security around Tony Blair after his wife Cherie complained to the Home Office.

Metropolitan Police chiefs had drawn up detailed plans to reduce the size of the team guarding the Blairs’ London home.

Senior officers said the £500,000 bill for an armed police guard was an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer because the couple were often away from their £4.36million West London mansion.

So think on that one folks, she holds no public office, has been elected to fuck all, has power over no one and yet has the nerve to demand that she be protected like some eastern potentate from the unwashed rabble.

The Blairs, champagne socialism at its finest.

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