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Energy bills to soar thanks to New Labour.

Lack of investment, over dependence on fuel from abroad and eco wankery means under Labour your bills will soar:
British consumers could face £2,000-a-year energy as supplies of gas and electricity become more volatile, according to a new report.
In a review of Britain's energy market, Ofgem said an investment of up to £200 billion is needed to secure supplies and meet environmental targets.
It lists four possible scenarios for the future and in one - that of a strong resurgence in global economies along with missed renewable and carbon targets - Ofgem warned prices could surge by more than 60 per cent by 2016.
Ofgem said the cheapest scenario - with a rise in bills of 14 per cent by 2020 - factors in a slow recovery from the recession, coupled with global green stimulus packages.
If you voted Labour, then its your fault, your a daft tree hugging cunt that has added to the costs on all of us. I for one hope you can't afford to pay, have your energy cut off and freeze to death in the cold.

 Although sadly that is more likely to be the fate of working people who choose not to live on benefits. They wasted the opportunities and now we all have to suffer, socialist policies in action.

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