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Free speech on Question Time fiasco.

It was so nice to see the Unite rent-a-mob turn up at the BBC yesterday in an attempt to stifle free speech. A waste of police time and taxpayers money.

The media is full of talk about the BNP and was it a good thing or not, yet hardly a word on the officers injured in keeping the mob out of the BBC building. My thoughts are with the officers who were injured in the course of their duties.

A strange mob of anarchists, ranting union fuckwits, and trustafarians who thankfully failed in their task of stopping the democratic process from going ahead.

As for Question Time, I actually thought that the more important issues such as MP expenses and graft and sleaze on the part of banks were hardly covered.

3 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

Ah, 'Unite Against Fascism'. Don't you just love 'em?

They're going to have to end their campaign though, in the face of overwhelming irony.


Brew Wales said...

Avoid the centre of Newport tomorrow as UAF are having a demo. City will be full of unwashed socialists demanding an end to free speech and wanting sharia law in the UK. I'm on an early train out of here!

Dazed And Confused said...

It'll be interesting next week to see the reaction that Jacqui kebab gets, when she appears on this piss poor excuse for BBC politics.