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John "small penis" Prescott the shaven chimp plays at champagne socialism.

New Labour's voter puncher and former cruise ship waiter has been accused of snobbery for ignoring locals and using a chauffeured car.

He styles himself as a champion of the working class, despite the posh houses, luxury cars and other trappings that have come with high office.

So when John Prescott turned up at a working men's club, it was a golden opportunity to show he hadn't lost his common touch.

But members who were asked by producers of BBC2's Prescott: The North South Divide to be on hand for the visit have accused him of using them 'as a prop' after he refused to speak to any of them.

They said the former deputy prime minister, who arrived two hours late in his chauffeur-driven car, had a brief game of pool with a member's son purely for the benefit of the cameras.

He then spent the rest of his time talking with Working Men's Club and Institute Union general secretary Kevin Smyth before being whisked away.

Oh how typical of Prescott an insecure bully boy, a typical example of the politics of envy. He spits bile at the upper classes, whilst inside always wanting to be part of the elite, to wear and possess the trapping of power. True he come from a cruise ship waiter a job he took to escape national service, not that I would call him a coward as he is not adverse to punch up's with the plebs.

As I described him "John Prescott as fake as the mock tudor beams on his home."

A loud mouthed yob who thinks that the state can stamp over local objections. An ill educated fuckwit that has no idea of geography. A bumbling fool that shovels food down his gullet by the ton then feeds the media some wank about suffering from bulemia.

Prescott brought a book out, which I spotted shortly after in a local charity shop for 2n 6d.

Mind part of Prescott's attitude problem could be due to the fact that the skank he was shafting claimed in The Sun that Mr Prescott has a rather small cock; some 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters(for europeans out there) and some more mockery of John "2 inches" Prescott.
TWO Shags John Prescott has a manhood the size of a COCKTAIL SAUSAGE, says ex-lover Tracey Temple.
The lardy Deputy Prime Minister might have the body of a saveloy but in the department where it matters he is a chipolata, she recorded in her diaries.
Tracey, 43, revealed at the weekend that Prescott, 67, gave a four-times-a-night performance.
But it seems that things weren’t always up to scratch ? and he once had to resort to the love drug Viagra after “an unsuccessful attempt at sex”.
A croquet playing buffoon that has whored every belief he ever had in order to gain the very things he claims to despise. John Prescott the living embodiment of class envy and champagne socialism.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

The man to a tee!

Fidothedog said...

Yep, Prescott I call the shaven chimp as I could imagine him swinging from a tyre throwing shit at people outside his cage.