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Gordonomics in action: Over complex tax system hurting pensioners.

Gordon Brown's tax system is a mess:
Millions of pensioners are paying too much tax because the system is too complicated and they are reluctant to ask for help.
A report by Britain's public spending watchdog has found that 1.5million people are handing over too much money to the taxman.
The National Audit Office also found that 3.2million are failing to take up the allowances they are entitled to.
So who was it that has added thousands of pages to the tax system when he was Chancellor and as PM done nothing to remove the over complex tax system he created? Yep, Mc'Snotty himself, unelected PM James Gordon Brown.

Remember come polling day that this is a party that thinks you should have a license in order to buy a packet of cigarettes or to go for a beer. A party who's leader has stated that single mothers should be shipped off to state run gulags. A party that offers nothing but higher taxes and ever more restrictions on age old freedoms, databases and the snooper Quisling state.

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