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Labour piss away £180 grand on a website.

So nice to see that government is not letting a recession that they caused get in the way of splashing money up against the wall. 
The Whitehall department responsible for farming has splashed out redesigning its website because the brown colour scheme was deemed too 'agriculturally focused'.
Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs called in IT experts after a focus group of 12 web-users said the site was too 'farm-orientated'.
The rebuild included changing the soil-coloured masthead to maroon and green. Defra admits that an internal team also worked on the redesign - meaning the real cost is likely to be far more than the £181,000 charged by the external IT contractor.
So the previous site was as they term it  "too 'agriculturally focused'.", gosh could that have anything to do with the fact that Defra looks after the farming industry; something which involves agriculture.

Listen very carefully and you can hear Gordon and that badger haired/eyebrow combo Chancellor pissing away your taxes.

Our national debt is soaring up at £6000+ pounds a second, some 60+ billions will have to be spend just on interest repayments alone on that debt; so nice to see they are tightening belts in the bloated public sector.  

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

So how much did you spend on the focus group for the redesign of your blog?

Fidothedog said...

Well I am not in the public sector, I learned HTML code myself, found a free theme and installed all the widgets in a few hours.

Total cost fuck all.