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The Guardian & glass houses.

I see that the Grauniad as its jokingly called is running a story on how one of the directors of the Taxpayers Alliance, does not pay tax here in the UK.

Gosh, shock horror and yet not a peep from the scribblers at The Grauniad about the fact they themselves don't pay UK tax.

He pays taxes in Frane, where taxes are higher than in the UK!

It is also amusing that my local arsehole, er Member of Parliament Paul Flynn makes much of this. Especially as he as an MP has helped himself to much taxpayers money over the years, as Cynical Dragon points out:
For an MP who charged the taxpayer £10,000 for legal expenses on a case he went on to admit liability, lecturing others on the payment and use of tax is a bit rich.
No mention from Mr Flynn of his theft of taxpayers money in his expenses, all that lovely furniture he helped himself to over the years...

Newport deserves better than Paul Flynn and his spin.

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