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Iain Dale fails to become an MP, yet again.

Some good news this fine Sunday morn, as Old Holborn reports that Mrs Dale has failed in his bid to get the Tory vote and backing in his ongoing fight to become an MP.

Oh dear, what a bummer, er how sad.

OH says:
Can't think why Iain, from Tunbridge Wells (and Sky News 6.30 am, Radio 5 live 11.10, GMtv 11.35, Daily Politics 13.30, The Archers 19.10, Radio Kazachstan 20.45, Pink News 22.45, Sky News 23.30) didn't.
UPDATE: My spies tell me Iain might report EVERYONE in Bracknell to the Police as homophobes.
Quote: "Why don't they love me? Sob! Bastards! Stephen fucking Gately gets a State funeral"
Indeed, I feel happier already today after reporting that.

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