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Mike Gapes porcine New Labour MP.

Comrade Mike has a problem with God:The Government is being urged by a group of powerful MPs to axe references to Christianity from the constitutions of Britain’s far-flung outposts.

To the dismay of Church leaders, the Foreign Affairs Committee is pressing for the change amid claims that references to traditional Christian morality could undermine gay rights in the overseas territories.
The committee, chaired by Labour MP Mike Gapes, also objects to Christianity being singled out above other faiths.

But the recommendation, which the Foreign Office says is being ‘carefully considered’, has provoked anger among Church leaders and politicians, with the Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, condemning the move as ‘spurious political correctness’.

Comrade Mike who was strangely absent on the Gurkha vote and voted to keep the 2nd home allowance. After all you know what they say, champagne socialism starts at home, or is that 2nd home? Either way your paying his mortgage interest. Mike also voted for the badly drafted 42 days detention bill, where folk could be locked up for possession of a suntan or what ever the police could dream up.

You also pay him his food allowance of £400 a month, which as the photo shows he is taking full advantage of! He also claims back his council tax, after all taxes are for little folk and he is an impotent, sorry important MP.

Mike also dips into our pockets for cleaning expenses, not sure if that is cleaning in the Mr Jacqui Smith sense of the word involving a packet of tissues and a porn film or if as I suspect the fat fucker is just to damn lazy to show a hoover around the office himself.

Going back to a previous addition cost I see he charged us £30.98 for photo frames, £17.99 for a shower attachment and £17.97 for a tea caddy. That's jolly nice of him.

I noticed that Mr Gapes signed a motion condemning the production of foie gras, the link is here. Now during the production of this foodstuff a massive quantity of food is forced into the birds making movement and breathing difficult. Mike also takes in a massive quantity of food much like a foie gras goose, the only difference is that we are the mugs paying £400 a month food allowance for him to do so.

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