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Jenny Willott MP - Misguided expenses hoon.

Cardiff Central Lib Dem MP, Jenny Willott has thrown her weight behind moves to introduce a minimum price for alcohol.

Gosh, so no support for the failing pubs, supporting local jobs and ignoring the fact they are being driven to the wall by ever spiralling costs and taxes; to be replaced by bland theme mock pubs like JD Wetherscum.

No just more costs, of course what can we expect from an MP incapable of doing even the most basic of research and seeing for herself that alcohol sales have in fact gone down. As I covered here. That the constant stream of media bullshit comes from fake charities, paid for by us out of our taxes.

Alcohol Concern being one.

Still lets have a look at her allowances(PDF):
She claims back her utilities, electric and gas - after all why should she an MP pay for utilities like a mere pleb? As well as £323 for furniture, yet more cash on curtains, £39.94 for a  vacuum cleaner as well as claiming back her TV license in full. All in one month.

She tucks into the MP food allowance as well, an why not its not as if she is paying for it.

Another £519 on a sofa and £133.79 on a futon, well she has to be comfortable whilst eating all that food we have paid for.

We even paid for her tenancy agreement.

Oh get this, despite us paying for her vacuum cleaner, we also picked up the tab for her end of tenancy cleaning a cool £188 quid, as well as removal costs. Laugh I nearly shat. Although as we paid for her to get a dust pan and brush, why did she not use that and save the taxpayer the £188 quid?

No council tax for her, yep that right, we pay for it. Oh and there was another £63 on household goods, which included a toaster. Plus £477.68 on furniture and £39.44 for a kettle.

I do hope when voters pay her a visit she makes them a cup of tea as they have damn well paid for it already.

Now you would think Jen had taken the piss enough, alas no, she even bought a bed for £933.50 and a mattress for £850 quid. I say she paid for it, well no, you did.

£850 for a firm support mattress no less, well she has got a fat arse.

No the bending over and fiscal rape of the taxpayers is not over yet. No pass yet more lube as she helps herself to a new telly, a snip at £499.97p of your money.

The woman even equips her bedroom with quilts and pillows as well as bathroom goods.

After all that, she has the nerve, the bare faced fucking nerve to call for higher costs on our pleasures. Time for a hemp noose and an angry mob of irate taxpayers.

5 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

She always was obnoxious. I always say it's interesting that her office in Woodville Road, Cardiff, is opposite a knocking shop. Not that I'm trying to suggest anything, but the proximity is certainly worth a chuckle or two from a wry wit.

Fidothedog said...

Well she has whored whatever principles she once had in return for lots and lots of expenses and perks.

Damon Lord said...

Actually, on reflection, to compare her to the diligent ladies of the night is insulting to the working girls. Jenny has yet to find out what work is.

Fidothedog said...

Very true, I am sure that prostitutes, pimps all have some standards and would not be very happy at being compared to low life MP's.

banned said...

While a minimum price of 40 or 50p per unit would not inconvenience me since my alcohol of choice already costs rather more than that I would defend to the last the right of all pikeys and chavs to get drunk on cheap vodka, stella or white lightning for next to nothing.

If I were a local publican or off-license I would post the local papers pieces about this on the wall, see what that does for Willotts majority.