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Precott the bully boy, stamp over planning laws.

Did you read that former cruise ship waiter UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott believes that Councils should be forced to earmark sites for new wind farms as part of a strategy to override local residents' objections to the developments.
"It is absolutely scandalous that three-quarters of all planning applications for onshore wind turbines are turned down," Prezza tells the British Wind Energy Association's annual conference in Liverpool. "We cannot let the vocal minority stop our move to a low-carbon economy and stop us meeting our global emissions targets"
So a company puts in a planning application, then residents use the planning laws to object - as is their legal right - and if bully boy Prescott has his way their views will be ignored. So nice to see New Labour expanding democracy.

Also if Prescott understood planning laws he would know that it takes more than a small minority in order to overturn planning applications, what an utter buffoon the man is.

2 people have spoken:

James D said...

The problem is that the planning system is in fact completely useless. It fails to entertain honest objections (these are called, in planning jargon, "irrelevant considerations") and undermines democratic decision-making by elected local councillors. It is only of any advantage to professional technocrats, professional objectors, and professional appellants.

Of course, that is largely a certain John Prescott's fault, although the rot set in much earlier with the over-reaction to the North Cornwall case.

banned said...

I thought labour had changed the planning procedure such that locals could not objefct to 'strategic infrastrucure'.

Makes me laugh when I read about local planners evicting Yurt communes for breaking the rules.