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John Mann upset at peers stealing, claims that is the job of MP's.

The Mail has a story on how a loophole allows peers accused of fiddling their expenses can carry on claiming the very same expenses. Now I shall leave the assorted graft of the peers for now but instead mention the comments of one MP.

What amused me was the attitude of one John Mann MP, who not so long back had a grumble that the expenses auditor was going too far with regards MP expenses.
John Mann, the MP who has led calls for a thorough overhaul of the allowances system, raised concerns on Sunday that Sir Thomas Legg's audit of expenses had become too broad, and warned that this might trigger lawsuits that could drag on through the ''entirety of the next Parliament''.
Then get this, you will love it. Classic MP double talk. He said about the grafting peers, that the ruling in Lord Rennard's case set an alarming precedent.
'Who do these people think they are? This makes a mockery of standards in public life,'
'There should be a full audit of their accounts in the same way as is being done in the House of Commons.'
Really? Like the audit on MP's you claim is going to far John?

So lets have a look at John Mann's claims shall we(ACA - PDF) Well first off John helps himself to mortgage interest, nothing like a taxpayer funded perk to help pay for the 1st/2nd or maybe 3rd home.

Plus he regularly dips into the MP food allowance of £400 a month, after all why should an MP on £64 grand a year pay for food when we can provide it for him?

Then the only chestnut of cleaning comes up, a nice easy way to grab some extra cash off of us. It amazes me how many MP's are to lazy to shove a hoover about the office and instead make a grab for the taxpayers pocket.

Then we have a bill for racking, £63.42 charged to the taxpayers. Setting up an S&M dungeon John?

The basic message from John Mann MP is how dare these greedy peers steal your money, issue a soundbite for the Daily Mail and sound as indignant as possible whilst doing if not exactly the same; then a very similar bending over of the taxpayers and giving them a fiscal raping.

There is a little bit on John Mann making a tit of himself over at Beware of Geeks. Oh one final point for John Mann, as we pay him £64 grand a year why was he not in his place of work for the vote on the Gurkha's?

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