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List of MP's who were absent on the Gurkha vote.

Ah yes the ones who had "urgent business" elsewhere. No doubt seeing a rent boy called "John Lewis", or claiming some other perk from the taxpayers pockets. So the public want the Gurkha's to settle here, yet these MP's did not want them to live here and so did the old Parlimentary trick of being "abscent" rather than voting no.

So I have listed the scum, sorry Rt. Hon. scum and have detailed some of the expenses they have stolen from you.
David Taylor starts off the list and gosh this what a start. Rather "busy" and unable to help Gurkhas but spending 5 minutes voting, yet overclaimed and paid back £8000 of your money.
Gerry Adams and his Northern Ireland MP's made £500,000 on a 2nd home.
Adrian Bailey voted to keep the 2nd home allowance and stop Foi requests. Also spend your money on claims for: Harpic powder (£1.48), light bulb (77p), Toothbrush (£5.99), bulb (77p), shampoo (£1.65), conditioner (£1.65), £881 on redecorating, £265 on curtain cleaning, £135 on a TV licence.
John Battle also loves blowing your cash, yet is "busy" with regards helping the Gurkha's. BOOKS, cleaners, photographs and iPods were amongst the things claimed for by John Battle MP during the past five years. He claimed £291 for two iPods in March 2007, as well as a pair of headphones costing £101 and a speaker system for them which cost £212. He also charged the tax payer for hundreds of pounds worth of books and magazines, chiefly on the subjects of theology and political thought, claiming £318.59 in 2006 alone. Mr Battle also charged the tax payer £185 for a professional photo shoot and to print off 150 copies of the resultant pictures. In addition he claimed £1194 for a new bed, £584 for a mattres and £1,050 for new doors and windows on his second home. During 2007 he claimed a total of £940 to have this home cleaned
Hilary Benn a mad eco loon who spends money like water.
Brian Binley claimed £57K to rent a property from his own company.
Tim Boswell evidently to lazy to vote, nothing new for this MP who is best known for doing sod all of worth.
Richard Burden another MP who is famous for doing little in The Commons.
Anthony D Wright

Utter scum one and all, a complete waste of taxpayers cash each and every one of them. 

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