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Liam Byrne - Minster for tractorstats.

Liam Byrne an odious little New Labour cockwaving underpant sniffer, has been on the telly box bleating on about the evil baby eating Tories. Claiming that despite his party fucking the economy, it will be worse under someone else.

Still this is the hoon who claimed that crime was at an all time low back in March. "Crime was at the lowest since records began" he claimed. Really? Well this shows the lie to his words as does this.

Although he knows a fair bit about breaking the law having been fined for using a mobile whilst driving.
He once told a parliamentary committee that the most dangerous drivers were "serial potential killers" and said he was "shocked" at the leniency of sentences handed down to them.
He received only a fine, so another "serial potential killer" back at work in the House of Commons.

He has also been caught up in the expenses saga. Talking of which a quick look at his expenses his addition cost allowance has some points of interest(PDF). First up as a highly paid minister he thinks its good form to claim back his water bill, remember taxes and utilities are just for little people to pay not important MP's.

Then he claims back admin fees(£105.75), costs for a letting agent(£1800) and the MP's food allowance of £400 a month. Another £48.42 in bed linen, a vital resource for an MP I am sure.

Gas and electric are also free for him, after all your happy to pay right? Well tough shit he charged it to you.

Oh and next time your paying - or struggling to pay -your council tax, he claims his back off you as well.

Same for the TV license, you pay for yours and his.

Liam also voted against letting the Gurkha's settle here in the UK. a Bill that was thankfully defeated, maybe he was worried there would not be enough cash to cover his expenses?

Liam it is claimed is a minister who wants plain speaking!
He is the Cabinet enforcer who demands his espresso at 3pm on the dot and orders his officials to speak in plain English just as they would 'in the pub'.
How about this? Liam your a cunt.


2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Yup, deserves a good cunting over at you know where !

Nice research btw, forward it to his local paper.

Fidothedog said...

Banned the research is a piece of piss to be fair, I just do a quick google on what they have said an have a nose at their expenses.

The fuckers dig the holes themselves, hell some of them even ask us for the shovel to help with the digging.