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New Labour's snooper census.

Ministers are being accused of planning to snoop into citizens' private lives in the most intrusive national census ever carried out.
The 2011 survey will demand to know how many bedrooms there are in homes and detailed information about any 'overnight visitors'.
Other new questions include how well respondents can speak English, what kind of central heating they have installed, whether they have a second home, how they define their national identity and whether they are in civil partnerships.
The Conservatives said the attempt to find out sleeping arrangements was particularly objectionable.
The demand for the number of bedrooms in each home, coupled with a requirement to give the name, sex, date of birth and address of any overnight visitors, amounted to 'bedroom snooping', they said.
Tory Cabinet Office spokesman Nick Hurd said: 'An increasingly invasive and intrusive census will erode public support, cost more and result in a less accurate survey.
'Just because the Government has the legal powers to ask these questions does not give the state the licence to ask anything they want.
'These bedroom snoopers are yet another sign of how the Labour Government has no respect for the privacy of law-abiding citizens.'
Yet another sign of the do nothing, snooper state party treating the populace as suspects to be watched.

5 people have spoken:

Martin said...

They only want visitor information for the night of the census itself. Which leads me to ask... what POSSIBLE benefit can be gained by asking these questions?

In fact, what benefit is gained by the census at all?

Fidothedog said...

I love the census, call them up and ask the meanings behind questions, ask who will have access to it.

Tie the bastards in knots, then half fill it in, lie and feed them false information.

scunnert said...

Feed them garbage. Garbage in - garbage out.

Budvar said...

"Do you have a 2nd home?"

OH yes, I have a little thatched cottage in a chocolate box village down the Cotswolds. I only live in a council house on a sink estate where the local Pakis, Iraqis and Hungarian gypsies have 3 way gang fights with baseball bats and machettes over control of the drugs trade and under aged girls, because I like slumming it and I love the enrichment that multiculti brings us.

banned said...

Bravo Budvar LMAO

I'm undecided whether to spend the night asleep in my car and thus avoid the census altogether or just fill it with shite
Gender - other
Marital Status- several
Age - 110yrs+
Religion - Jedi
Ethnicity - Innuit
N0. of children - uncertain.

that kind of thing, btw, will they get round to asking whether snoke or drink and what our body mass index is or will they just steal that information from NHS Connecting For Health ?