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Lord Rosser the champagne socialist.

What a surprise another Labour union type who talks about the scourge of the rich elite whilst all the time wanting to become one.
As a trade union leader and chairman of Labour's national executive committee, Richard Rosser railed against 'fat cats' riding the 'gravy train' of easy money.
But since being made Lord Rosser in 2004, his attitudes seem to have changed a little.
For the Daily Mail has learned that he claimed £19,461 in expenses in a single year after telling officials he had changed his main residence from his £750,000 four-bed family home in London to a snug £240,000 flat outside the capital.
Astonishingly, Lord Rosser, 65, appears to neighbours still to live for most of the year in his London home - and has virtually admitted so himself.
But by 'flipping' his declared main residence to Chippenham, in Wiltshire, he suddenly became entitled to claim the generous parliamentary overnight allowance, now £174 a night, for which no receipts are required.

I wonder if the ignoble peer will admit his hypocrisy and double standards? Rosser by name, tosser by nature.

3 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

But how can a union official end up with near a million quid worth of property? Aren't they public servants and public spirited?

That's why I detest parasite union cunts like this, and Bob piper who take to the blogosphere to pontificate after milking the working man for so many years.

banned said...

Did I read that no Lords have broken the rules re expenses because there are no friggin' rules for them ?

Anonymous said...

At 65 he is also drawing hid old age pension! Some people never give up.