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Professor David Eastwood, not all the pigs are in the House of Commons.

Some of them like the non job Professor are on the quango gravy train.A quango chief charged the taxpayer almost £1,000 a year to cover the cost of his membership of an exclusive club.
Professor David Eastwood, former chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council, billed the taxpayer £920 last year. The previous year he claimed £855.
His claim, for membership of London's Athenaeum Club in Pall Mall, is among a number of quango expenses revealed yesterday. Members of the boards of 24 of Britain's biggest quangos pocketed almost £1million expenses in the last three years.
The bills include tens of thousands of pounds on taxis, flights and hotels and thousands more on alcohol.
Shadow charities minister Nick Hurd described the figures as shocking and called for curbs to end the quango 'gravy train'.
Mr Hurd said: 'The public will be quite rightly shocked. It is probably a symbol of a bigger problem inside quangos about attitudes towards spending public money.'
The expenses were released under freedom of information laws following an investigation by Channel 4's More4 News. They are likely to represent only a tiny fraction of the total quango expenses bill.
A study by the TaxPayers' Alliance this week revealed Britain has 1,152 quangos, costing £90billion a year. The 24 quangos surveyed represent just 2 per cent of the total.
In three years the 24 quangos ran up bills totalling £969,690. This included £185,000 on hotels and more than £670,000 on travel.

You earn it, HM Government under New Labour pisses it away.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

"Britain has 1,152 quangos, costing £90billion a year. "

There you go Dave, save the economy in one fell swoop. Kill them all off then start again.


Anonymous said...


When Brown gets advice from an expert he ignores it, so as I say, £90 b for NOTHING.

Mind, it must be nice to be able to get some daft bastards to pay for your membership of the Athenaeum....

Fidothedog said...

One big hanging party will save this land a fortune.