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Lost: 40,000 illegal migrants.

If found please inform The Home Office.
A fresh scandal hit the Home Office as officials admitted up to 40,000 suspected illegal immigrants have gone missing.
The names of the migrants are being checked against the Police National Computer and other watch lists to find out what they have been doing, and where they might be.
The 40,000 arrived in the UK legally, but had requests to extend their stay turned down. The Home Office did not deport them and has no record of them leaving the country. Their files were logged in a Home Office 'archive', but are now being reopened.
So no improvement in the Home Office since Jacqui "Jackboot" Smith left then.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Sorry they are not missing, they have been shunted up to Glasgow North East to bolster the Labour vote in the up coming by-election :)

Jayce Kay said...

There all working thru a temp agency as cleaners for the troughers...

Fidothedog said...

Thats just 39,999 left to find.