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70st lardarse gains us a world record.

The world's heaviest man has been warned that he has just months to live unless he loses weight, it was revealed today.

Paul Mason, 48, who weighs 70 stone (444kg) is unable to move from his bed as he awaits life-saving surgery.

The former engineer and Royal mail worker suffers from a compulsive eating disorder(in plain English he his a fat greedy fucker who should be rendered down for bio fuel) and has repeatedly tried to diet over the last 23 years.

He spends time with his two cats watching television and playing computer games.

He is looked after full-time by carers, with two staff on duty at different times of the day.

The overall cost of keeping him by paying for carers, accommodation, medical equipment and in benefits has been estimated at £100,000 a year.

Now I hate to sound heartless, well actually I don't but anyway there is a very simple solution to this. Cut off his benefits and starve the fucker, job sorted.

Once the electric is cut off and he has no computer working to play games on, he will have to get his spotty backside out an hussle himself up a job.

You see lots of poor folk, have to get up at the crack of dawn, struggle their way through the rain to do a shitty job for 8 hours a day, then each pay day see an ever increasing amount taken in taxes by the state. 

Oh how satisfied the humble taxpayers must be see, whilst they struggle to balance the weekly shop, pay the bills and hopefully have some pennies left over; to see gut load shovelling their taxes down his throat.

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banned said...

Give me the needle and wire, I'll go round his house and sew his gob up.