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Minister commits suicide.

A former Japanese finance minister who resigned after appearing to be drunk in public was found dead in his home yesterday.

Shoichi Nakagawa was lying face down in bed when his wife discovered him, according to a spokesman for Tokyo police. Investigators have ruled out foul play, but would not comment on the possibility of suicide. Mr Nakagawa, who was 56, caused uproar when he appeared to slur his words and looked drowsy at a news conference during a meeting of Group of Seven financial leaders in Rome in February.

In Japan suicide is seen as an honourable way out, sadly it is not seen the same way by our grafting, house flipping, expense fiddling, car crashing, porn film claiming, perk grabbing, stay on at any fucking cost what so ever and blame everyone else bunch of inept bastards that disgrace the high office they hold.

Such a shame our MP's are not Japanese, we would be going into an election without a single MP defending their seat. It would be a total fucking clearout, 646 new MP's.

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