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Shat West, sorry Nat West provide poor service yet again: Bank charges.

Well great fun today, slipped a few quid over drawn and my bank then attempted to fiscally rape me for £66 sodding quid in charges. 

After many calls, getting cut off by thick corporate script reading drones. Some of which I will add need to learn that tone and inflection come across in a call and yes, I can tell on the other end of the phone that you are rather bored with the whole "dealing with a customer thing" and want to get back to painting your nails.

What with my previous escapade with Nat West Home Insurance who figure the concept of home insurance is to take the cash and then tell the customer to fuck the fuck off when they make a claim; I figure its time to give them the old 2 finger salute on Friday and go bank elsewhere.

When I was in the branch(before dealing with the telephone drones) , I even offered to transfer cash from my savings account which is with another bank and to get the account in credit there and then but they were not interested in doing so; far easier to fiscally rape a customer than write off charges due to a genuine error. 

So the following e-mail has been sent off to customer service, a very misnamed title in their case. I would be willing to stick a rather large bet on with the local bookies that no one from Nat West contacts me by Friday morning. 

Dear Sir,

I noticed today that I had slipped into the red by a few pounds(6th October 2009), upon calling into Nat West Newport I was informed that I had been charged £28 as well as another charge of £38 going on later this month. 

The attitude of the staff member I spoke to in branch was one of "nothing to do with me" and I was just informed that that happened and to contact London office to complain. In fact I felt that he had the attitude of he had better things to deal with that a mere customer and wanted me out of his oh so busy day as fast as possible.

Upon leaving I attempted to speak to member of staff at one of your UK based contact centres, thus starts the 2nd part of this saga:

After going through security each time I called, I spoke to one lady who removed a charge for £38 pounds, fair enough, as that is in my opinion an illegal and immoral charge. I was then cut off.

Upon calling back the same thing happened another 2 times, the call going dead whilst I was talking to members of staff. 

Finally I called and was not cut off this time and explained my displeasure at the last £28 pound charge.

The rather rude and abrasive woman I spoke to informed me that that charge would be staying put and insisted that staff did not cut off customers inferring that I was in fact lying about the matter. She also insisted on talking over me, something that I am sure is not in your customer training manuals(or maybe it is, who knows?) on dealing with complaints.

As a result of this and a previous complaint with your Home Insurance, which I won't bother boring you all with here but needless to say I received rather shoddy customer service with regards that; I have decided to leave your bank this Friday and see if I can find a bank that actually treats customers with respect and a decent level of customer service.

If anyone can actually be bothered to offer a resolution and apology they can call me back on one the numbers below, or email me back on one of the supplied e-mail numbers also below; unless they are all too busy counting the vast sums of taxpayer money paid to bail them out by one James Gordon Brown PM.

Either way I fail to see why I should have to pay £66 quid when I have already helped bail out your bank, I shall await a callback (if it happens) and if not shall be closing the account on Friday morning.

Yours in disgust.

Paul Goddard

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