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Muzzie fucknuts threatens Geert Wilders.

Islam will conquer, orf' with his head and lots of moslems standing about yelling threats against people who speak the truth about Islam.

Yet again we see the love and peace from typical examples of the "religion of peace".

No doubt some of the rent-a-mob were brought in from the illegal migrant camp at Sangatte.

The concept of free speech is lost on these barbarians. Because Wilders "insulted the prophet Muhammad", by telling the truth about him.

Its about time the police started arresting these barbarian fucknuts, oh sorry I forgot hate speech only works if one is white and Christian.

Still what can one expect from the followers of a barbarian bandit and pederast.


6 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

You've had an interior designer in while I've been unable to browse this past week.

I like it.

You know these Islamist fanatics are allowed to verbally threaten one man and yet the one man was banned from saying his bit.

Mind you, this video is a set up. Its just a wee group trying to sound like a crowd. Then again, that's all that's needed with these nutters.

Fidothedog said...

I noticed the numbers were a bit low, guess the global jihad must have been busy that day elsewhere.

Maybe Lord Ahmed forgot to summon the 10,000 muslims?

On the makeover, yeah had a clearout of crap, still got some tweaking to do.

Been working on a mates website for a while so that will wait as sick an tired of looking at HTML code.

Budvar said...

"barbarian bandit and pederast".

Oh lets not forget incestuous paedophile too, as I believe that's the term for anyone fucking their brothers 9 year old daughter. Then there's bigamist too, 11 wives I believe that's not counting slave girls and concubines.

TheBigYin said...

I've been putting off watching this all day and now I know why. These fuckers make me so mad and irrational that I want them all fucking herded up and fucking dropped in a desert somewhere. Utter cunts, the lot of them.

Fidothedog said...

Yin, I agree they despise democracy and yet miss the point that it is democracy that allows them the right of free speech.

If they are that unhappy they should head to a place where there is Sharia law and they can be as oppressive to their women folk as they like there.

Houdini said...

If that lot isn't incitement to violence and racial hatred, then I don't know what is. Seems these fucking pig fucking cunts can say and do what they like.

Europe destroyed? Israel destroyed? What muzzie cunts have been arrested?

Cunts all, and that just the Government and police. Lily livered softy cunts.