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New Labour spending millions on advertising.

They just can't help themselves they have to spend your cash.
According to exclusive data from Nielsen Media Research that was commissioned by Marketing, the COI's media spend rose by almost 20% in 2008 to £178.1m. (what credit crunch, HM Govt seems to find lots of money to waste)

The increase puts the government within spitting distance of P&G, which narrowly retained the title of the UK's biggest advertiser despite cutting spend to £178.7m.

The figures are likely to spark controversy, particularly in view of the broader market decline of almost 5% as the recession takes its toll on ad budgets.

The COI accepts only its own audited figures, which are published in its annual review each summer, but nonetheless defended its level of adspend.

A spokesman said that, as government policies and initiatives affect everyone in the country, it is vital they are communicated effectively. 'In 2007/8, campaigns tackled important issues such as giving up smoking, army recruitment, road safety and climate change. These are of huge social benefit and help gen-erate overall savings to the public purse,' he said.

I noticed in the last hour that fugly woman Jenny Eclair banging on about the dangers of salt. Salt of all things, do we really need HM Govt to nanny us, spend our money to warn us about salt? Oh and inflict that ugly woman's face on us.

Also adverts about giving up smoking, the DVLA warning me about driving without insurance. All very nice but should they not target that at pikeys? An anti speeding advert, they evidently have not driven on the poor roads around my home town that have 24/7 roadworks.

Oh and some advert warning us to be careful at the seaside!

Nag nag nag, the march of the nanny state.

Oh just noticed that Pavlov's cat has a few things to say on this.

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Hello. Because I am from Canada I must admit I don't know much about the situation in the UK I understand that spending tax payers' money is always a sensitive topic, especially, if they are spent on advertising instead of on improving things.
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