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Nat West complaint - e-mail 2.

I received this from Nat West:

Dear Mr Goddard

Thank you for your recent e-mail.
I am sorry you are unhappy with the service you recently received, but grateful you have taken the time to explain why.  So that you know how we deal with complaints, I have attached  an explanatory leaflet.

Customer Relations will now be investigating your complaint and you will be contacted  again within the next fourteen working days with a full response.  If we need more time to investigate, we will tell you why and provide you with an update.

If you would like to contact us in the meantime, please e-mail customer.relations@natwest.com
We hope you will understand that we do not normally send our full response by e-mail, as it may include confidential information that could be read by other people.  

Angela Bose-Sinden

Customer Relations

Gosh, all jolly nice of them. So I mailed them back this:

Again, thanks for getting back to me, however as I explained in my last e-mail, I have now closed my account and -as I have no faith in your organisation what so ever and see no need for a complaint, as I have no business with yourselves- I see no need for any complaint to go forward.

Had you actually had an interest in customer affairs and had shown an interest in wanting to keep my business with your bank, your staff would have responded to my email sent before my deadline of Friday.

As the events causing the complaint took place on Tuesday and email was sent that day, I gave your company until Friday to respond to me, sadly you did not, I then did as I promised and closed my account with yourselves.

In short I do not believe that your company is able to supply what it advertises, IE "Helpful Banking", I covered all this before and see no point in going over old ground.

I for one will be advising all who I contact not to put their business your way.

Good day.

Previous mail can be found: Here.

2 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

~I just don't understand them. I asked when I spoke to them about a complaint if there will be a named person I will have to contact them, but they stalled on answering me. They're good at stalling. Evidently, as is evidenced from your experience, you'll probably end up dealing with 20 different people, none of whom are available when you call...

Fidothedog said...

Well come on, you never expected the bank that promotes "helpful banking" to be helpful to a customer?

Be prepared for a major run around, to be stalled, pissed about, talked down to, ignored, have them confuse the question(s) you ask them.

Yes I know you have had quite a bit of all that already but it is Nat West.

Best option might be to do as I did an flee their poor service.