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New Labour nanny state.

From Nanny Knows Best
I see that Nanny is trying to fiddle with boy scouts again.

This time her fiddling concerns the annual jamboree of around 10,000 scouts from around the world, a highlight of the scout calendar.

The event, despite being held for the last 90 years, is likely to suffer from Nanny's new laws regarding the interaction of adults with children.

Nanny now requires that adults who seek to interact with children register their details for background checks etc.

All very well, maybe, except for a small problem wrt the annual jamboree; there are 2,000 volunteers who help out at this event.

At £64 per head this amounts to a nice £128K potential money earner for Nanny. Doubtless she is licking her thin, sallow, lifeless, blood drained lips at the prospect!

However did we manage before the state was there to stick its huge beak into every aspect of our lives. We can't let people give up their time and help out, just in case of them is an evil paedophile; the bogey man of the 21st Century.

The bizarre idea that the New Labour state has is that evil child abusers will be caught by the register and all the nice folk will pay up and all will be well with the world.

After all, people who have been checked out by the state and allowed to work with kids will never turn out to be child abusers. Oh hang on, they have. The woman had been checked by the state in order to take her job in the first place.

Defeats the point in vetting people before they are allowed to work with kids really. Still lets not let inconvenient facts get in the way of state paperwork, forms and regulations.

Besides fear of the bogeyman keeps the plebs in line.

Update: some more mindless fear and paranoia here as even parents are not allowed to watch their kids in the playground in case they are pedo's. Never mind that Vanessa George was in charge of children, had been vetted by the state, that no amount of forms, paperwork and certificates can guarantee 100% safety.

All the checks in the world will only catch those already known to the authorities, not people who have no criminal record. 

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banned said...

As I currently suggest on my own blog, Labour and the Righteous will have no sympathy for the Scout Movement " relict of empire, sexist, racist, classbound, homophobic outfits known as Boy Scouts and or Girl Guides who are mostly bothered with burning fires, tieing things up and stabbing stuff "

Actually those 2,000 helpers ( most from overseas btw ) will be required to have two checks. One by the good old CRB to protect the Scout Movement as 'sponsor' and another from the new Independent Safeguarding Authority which issues certificates of saintlines to those it decides are not perverts and are thus fit to work/volunteer with children and vulnerable persons.