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BBC hobnob post.

The thought police at BBC Pravda did their best to cover up the quip but thanks to the internet here it is. Found also at We4productions.

Who knows maybe the BBC will realise that they have made themselves look rather silly and decide that a culture of openness and honesty is the best way, they might even release the Balan report into their bias over reporting in the Middle East....Then again maybe not.

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Brew Wales said...

This Week is great viewing - Portillo always pissed, Brillo Pad Neil a bit merry, but being an old fleet street hack he can hold it well, Portillos old school chum Diane Abbot and whichever D list celeb they can bribe to come along. Always good for a chuckle or 2.

Jayce Kay said...


Fidothedog said...

You just know the BBC are panicking about perceived racism where none exists.