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Paul Flynn Irony.

Its been a little while since I commented on my loony MP, but he has come up with a classic today.

He has this to say on a local councillor:
"What will Peter Davies do next to embarrass the city? In everyway, he is beyond a joke."
WTF? Paul Flynn calling anyone, an I mean anyone a joke is a serious jaw dropping statement.

This from a man who jokes about farmers suicides, claims we need tsunami defences, fights an unwinnable libel case an then charges us for the legal costs. Oh and I nearly forgot, who bangs on about free speech yet has censorship on his website to rival Pravda in Soviet days.

Just try putting a comment on giving criticism of Flynn to see what I mean.

He is not in a position to call an annual meeting of clowns a joke. Still it did give me a laugh.

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