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Rt Hon. Kevin Brennan MP: Grasping Labour scumbag for Cardiff West.

Apparently the expenses fiddling MP for Cardiff celebrated his 50th birthday the other day, so having been informed of that fact via my local MP's webshyte; I thought it was time to take another look at Brennon.

An MP who sees his role as I mentioned before in bending the good voters over and fiscally raping them for expenses. But aside from a Toshiba TV, he thinks that you are there to provide him with £18 on ceramic kitchenware(including a bread bin which is vital for every MP in order to carry out their duties), £293 quid on carpets for his abode. £1028 on solicitors fees and over 10 grand in stamp duties. Best of all, all that was for one month: Take a look(PDF).

He claims his water bill back, after all utility bills are just for little people and he is far to impotent, sorry important to be paying that.

On top of that he claims cleaning at £64 a month and his council tax back. Oh and enjoys free food at our expense thanks to the lovely MP food allowance of £400 a month.

But lets have a look back at his previous hcost allowance and in just one month we pay for this lot:
 Hi mortgage interest, food £350, cleaning £64 as well as a whole raft of other expenses totalling £1375 quid. Most amusing is in that, he charges us for a hoover. So we get charged to clean his office and pay for the hoover as well, is the man unable to push it about the office?

Oh and a toaster, cost £19.50p, after all an MP must have his toast of a morning!

Best of all is the repairs to his bedroom window and bathroom he claimed back, do MP's not have home insurance? One has to ask quite why we pay MP's a wage of £64 grand a year when they claim anything and everything back off of us?

Another £42 quid on a shelving unit and another £25 quid on household items. The previous month he charged us yet another £25 for more household items. In fact there are quite a few months where the items all come to £25 quid, strange that? Maybe he could explain...

In Kevin's world there is lots of taxpayers cash for expenses for himself, yet he votes against letting Gurkha's settle here in the UK. Maybe he was worried about the costs?

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