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Policing under New Labour

Old lady charged with assault for prodding teen.
A disabled pensioner was hauled before the courts and charged with assault after she prodded a teenage 'hoodie' in the chest with her finger.
Renate Bowling, 71, confronted the 17-year-old youth in the street after stones were thrown at her home.
During the conversation the frail widow, who fled to Britain from Communist East Germany and walks with a steel frame, prodded the youth in the chest with her finger.
After all we can't have citizens speaking up for themselves, this is the state that 12 years of communist misrule by New Labour has brought us to.

But whilst the police and authorities are busy with their diversity courses and endless tractorstats rather than actually answering 999 calls, don't think you can defend your property as that might leave you open to prosecution.
A retired military police officer has erected an electric fence around his property to defend his home against yobs.
But Ralph Harvey, 63, has now been warned by a beat policeman that vandals could sue him if they are injured by the 12V live wire.
The former RAF police sergeant says he has been plagued by theft and vandalism and that his bungalow is 'under siege' from youths who have thrown bricks, paving slabs, breeze blocks and even acid.
So speak up you end up in court, defend your property you can get sued, call the police and they don't turn up; all the while our PM claims that crime is under control and everything is well. That said maybe he is looking through his glass eye?

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