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A thank you to Nat West Home Insurance - re former policy no. 47682944

Thanks awfully for your Customer Complaints Department in Bristol getting back to me, that is the department that none of your staff in contact centres will give contact numbers out for, or email addresses and insist in this modern age that you contact them by snail mail.

Strange I know but well rules are rules and who are we mere customers to question the all wise and knowing Nat West?

I say that they got back to me, although it did take them some time to do so. Indeed after an age of waiting with no contact, no feedback and no acknowledgement for ages even to a recorded delivery letter sent to them at Bristol; at last a letter has been sent off to my good self following a chase up by e-mail to another department after hearing nothing from them.

They make no apology for the delays in getting back to me, indeed why should they? After all why break the habit of poor customer service that I have grown to know and love from Nat West Home Insurance since August 2009.

A heart felt thank you to all the highly trained staff who never returned calls, gave false/inaccurate information, passed the buck, cut me off,oh and did not tell me that I had to contact a department in Bristol for weeks and so so much more. At best, all I have had is the stock computer says no style decline letters with enclosed leaflets trying to sell more products from Nat West.

Indeed there is nothing more fulfilling in ones life than spending hours on a phone listening to a Casio organ playing a bastardized version of some classic song interrupted every half minute or so with an automated voice telling me how important my call is to them.

One would assume that if the customers call is in fact important to them, that, rather than stating that they are sorry for the delay they should employ some more customer service staff. Just a thought Nat West, after all your ads on the telly tell us you value us so so much.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for selling me Home Insurance that was in every term of word utter useless and also in showing utter lack of concern at losing a customer, in having no care as to customer service and leaving me utterly in the lurch with regards replacing my washing machine.

Thankfully I did not have to resort to banging the washing down at the local stream like some savage in darkest Bongoland, but for all the care I have had from your company you would not have cared if that had been the case.

So here is the deal, as far as I see it I am out the best part of £300 notes. Now as I am not an MP and so can not blag a new washing machine on expenses, I figure you still owe me. Okay you don't, I have a letter that says you don't in an FSA compliant fuck you sort of way; but I feel that you do.

So if anyone has a complaint about Nat West let me know and I shall re-post it full, sure it won't do any good what so ever other than the feelgood factor that is.

If Nat West ever want me to stop complaining, then they can call me on: 07913952884 between 9-5.

Your move Shat West.

PS train your staff to use the word sorry a bit more often, as well as taking more care over the tone and inflection used when talking to customers.

I shall add for free that I know about that having worked in customer services myself, hell make me a job offer as a mystery customer. I would bring your customer serives up to an acceptable standard in record time.

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