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Recession, what recession? Not for tug of war civil servants.

So nice to see the public sector delivering value for money:
Officials in charge of hunting down illegal immigrants organised a tug of war contest in work time, it emerged yesterday.
News of the 'winter games' day for Home Office staff comes hard on the heels of their department admitting it had lost track of 40,000 illegal immigrants who arrived more than six years ago.
The official organising the event is the national arrest team coordinator for the immigration department.
As you head to work today only to be told as a mate of mine was that thanks to Gordonomics, he is being laid off next week you can be happy in the knowledge that millions of public sector workers don't have that fear, are delivering a good service and value for the tax paid by the UK taxpayer are laughing at the poor overworked mugs who support them.

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