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MP's getting yet more holidays.

Whilst you are still in work, your MP is making sure their expenses forms are handed in, packing the suntan, booking an appointment with the rentboy and off to celebrate Christmas.
Harriet Harman faced a storm of protest after announcing MPs will break up for Christmas on December 16 - the earliest date since records began.
The Conservatives attacked the Commons Leader's announcement of a three-week holiday as damning evidence that the Government has 'run out of steam'.
Her Tory counterpart Sir George Young said ministers appeared devoid of ideas for new legislation and protested that most citizens would be working way beyond December 16.
I suppose in a way it does make sense as if Labour carry on cunting the economy everyone will be out of work and so all equal in their misery.

Nice to see Labour MP's looking after their interests and showing value for the £64K wage and average £100K in expenses they each claw off us.

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