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Roy Hattersley still doesn't get it on expenses.

Former Labour MP Roy is talking in The Grauniad about MP expenses.
Sir Christopher Kelly's revised expenses rules will be accepted by the House of Commons. Members of parliament who wish to retain their seats – and the party leaders who compete with them for the title of Purest of Them All – have no choice but to kiss the lash. The mood of the country allows nothing else. It is the price that the honest and hard-working majority have to pay for the excesses of their colleagues who exploited the system in a way which was part scandal and part farce.
Hard working? Oh come on MP's do not know the meaning of the word. Extra time off this year at Christmas, a huge break in the middle of the year. Even the PM has been caught with his snot covered fingers in the public's back pocket helping himself.
But that does not require the pretence that all the new proposals are either right or reasonable. They are a response to the populist clamour that the exposure of previous excesses – right and necessary though it was – created.
Indeed the new proposals are not right, they do not go far enough. That an MP can get expenses on mortgage interest and help build themselves a property portfolio at our expense is wrong.

Also what is this populist clamour guff? If by that you mean the sheer fucking anger of the plebs who have to pay to travel on over crowded buses and trains; whilst MP's travel first class an we pay then yes that was populist.
Some of Kelly's recommendations have intrinsic merit. It is clearly wrong for a member of parliament to acquire a second property with a mortgage subsidised by the taxpayer. The prohibition of that practice confirms the arbitrary nature of rules which govern Sir Thomas Legg's retrospective revision of what it was acceptable for MPs to charge in previous years.
Glad you agree, also house flipping and lying ones arse off about where one lives like fat arsed kebeb muncher and expenses poster girl Jacqui Smith is also wrong.
David Cameron received £1,750 a month to defray the interest on the house he bought in his constituency – the bigger the house, the bigger the mortgage and the bigger the taxpayers' subsidy. Sir Thomas requires that only £237 in total be repaid. Who can object that, in future, Mr Cameron will have to make do with his own resources? However, some of Kelly's proposals are less easy to justify.
I note he picks Cameron, got to get the Tory jibe in there has Roy. Still almost every one of the fuckers in The House is bleeding us white.
During my 30 years in the Commons – when expenses increased from literally nothing to inadequate secretarial and constituency accommodation allowances – I never even considered employing a member of my family. Nor did any of my close friends. But to prohibit the practice is absurd.
Yes, I am sure that MP's will not be happy that they can not claim all the wifes wages back off the taxpayer. An so he go's on an on an fucking on.

In short had MP's acted like normal people, rather than self serving cunts out to loot the nation of as much cash as possible we would not really give a shit.

Best ignore Roy, he has been spending far to long in the bar again....

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Houdini said...

Fat, bumbling, arrogant and useless Labour cunt that never amounted to fuck all and should just be ignored anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Fidothedog said...

Houdini, spot on, the best description of Roy.

banned said...

Off with his head.