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"Enver Hodge" on kids playing computer games.

I see that HM Govt are worried about  kiddies playing online games. Cue Margaret Hodge the Minister for children:
"For children under 12 who cannot make the distinction between fantasy and reality, we need tough regulation," Mrs Hodge said. Under the current rules, the BBFC's legally-enforceable age limits only have to applied to games containing violent or sexual content.
Mrs Hodge also revealed that ministers are looking closely at online games amid growing concerns at Westminster about their use.
Multi-user internet-based games such as World of warcraft and Everquest allow players to share a virtual world with thousands of other people from around the world. The growing popularity of such games has sparked calls for new regulation.
Yes, an why oh why are the government sticking their socialist oar into online gaming?
The Culture Committee of MPs this week raised fears that paedophiles are making growing use of virtual worlds for activities including simulated sex with children. Mrs Hodge told BBC Radio Four that the growing popularity of online games required new rules.
Ah right the 21st Century bogeyman, the paedophile.

Now she knows a lot about paedophiles does Mrs Hodge. When Hodge was leader of Islington Council, the children in care homes under her control were being ritually and systematically raped and abused; when two care home staff blew the whistle on these activities, Mrs Hodge dismissed their concerns as fantasy.

 So here is a woman who failed in her duty of care and now wants to pass herself off as someone who is concerned about the welfare of kids online. Shame she failed to do that in her previous job.

In 2003 she was involved in a controversy about press coverage of a man [Demetrious Panton] who accused her of being ultimately responsible for abuse he suffered as a child in a home overseen by Mrs Hodge as leader of Islington Council. Following a media campaign conducted by several national newspapers calling for her to resign, she was further drawn into the controversy by responding to the man in question by letter and referring to him in it as 'extremely disturbed'.
Best and by best I mean worst part of this is that, Labour appointed her Minister for Children.

In unrelated stuff about Enver, she hired her former press officer for PR work. When she was tourism minister she laid into the UK and buggered off to Italy for her holidays.

Enver also 
thinks that the Proms are not inclusive enough.

6 people have spoken:

Gigits said...

They've really got it in for the Web (Mandy after filesharers as well).

They hate the freedom of it, the bastards.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Don't ever let Hodge's name be forgotten in connection with Islington. Champagne swilling dosilist.

Anonymous said...

Been playing moha airborn all week and i can understand madgies worries over online gaming because the little cunts camp & airshoot
if i had my way i´d slap the fuckers and they´d wash the dishes all week!

Anonymous said...

He he... once again in Scotand we don't have to put up with this stupid cow. We just have to help pay her wages.

Fidothedog said...

Tris sadly we all have to pay that bitches salary.

banned said...

Well done for keeping that bitchs failings in the public eye. I think that Demetrious Panton sued her over that remark and she was forced to withdraw it.
I can remember perfectly well being an under-twelve year old when I knew exactly what was real and what was fantasy. Tell me Madge just how do you propose policing whether a player on an interactive game is really over twelve years old because another thing I remember was my propensity to lie to all and sundry when it suited my purposes; ie overcoming all the petty limitations that surrounded me even forty+ years ago.
Bansturbating C*nt.