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UK migrant terrorist jailed in France.

Thanks to New Labour 100's of thousands of Jihadist Al-Quada loving fucknuts are living high on the hog on benfits, all claiming they are oppressed back in their native third world toilet nations.
A terrorist mastermind who was harboured by the British government as an asylum seeker for more than ten years has finally been sent to prison for life.

Rachid Ramda, 39, pointed his fingers skyward and shouted 'I'm innocent - praise Allah' as a Paris appeal court confirmed his sentence for a series of attacks on the city's underground system which left eight dead and hundreds injured.

He will now spend a minimum of 22 years behind bars, with France's Advocate General Anne Vosgien saying he should 'never be given the chance to reoffend again'...

A vote for Labour lets in yet more barbarian savages and endangers civilized people everywhere.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

So at least the French have the right idea on some things.

Fidothedog said...

Such a shame that the French no longer lop off the heads of criminals.