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Rt Hon Alan Simpson MP & grafting cunny.

Lobbydog has a bit on Alan who feels all upset and hard done by over the expenses fiasco. Alan who has been told to pay back £500 for a cleaning bill is very unhappy over this.
He said Sir Thomas Legg would have to take him to court before he handed the money back, and repeated the warning on Radio 4 this morning.
The problem has arisen because in one year Simpson claimed £2,500 for cleaning, which is £500 above Sir Thomas’ retrospective limit.
The Labour MP, who is standing down at the next election, told me: “There is something dangerous about someone coming in and retrospectively moving the goal posts.
No, its much like Labour imposing endless taxes on our hard earned with out a by your fucking leave, or the tax on 4X4 vehicles they imposed. Should we little plebs fail to pay some fine or regulation we are hauled up before the courts in record time.
“It’s like taking the film from a speed camera on a road where the speed limit is 30mph, before changing the speed limit to 20mph and then fining everyone on the film for driving too fast.”
Look Alan, its not your money. See let me explain. You are paid a wage some £64K a year to do your rather poor job as an MP. On top of that, you get lots of lovely perks which average about £100K a year per MP. Free travel, free food, trips abroad, all your utilities, 2nd home allowance, 80+ days holiday etc etc etc.

Now you want sympathy, the words "fuck" and "off" leap to the front at that.
“But I think it’s wrong of him to actually change the allowance limit for things retrospectively. So in regards to the £500 repayment for cleaning he has recommended, I’ll say that he needs to seek the authority of the courts.”
So its stick the bottom lip out an waddle off to court is it Alan, great look a fucking cock in the courts; oh and do remember to claim all your legal costs back off the taxpayer that way the press can absolutely fucking crucify you in the papers for being a cunt.

Alan Simpson labelled Mr Brown a ‘grumpy old man’ and described Downing Street as like the ‘last days of Hitler bunker mentality’. Well who is the grumpy old man now Alan? Pay the fuck up.

In a non related bit to the above Alan is also a fanboy of Che the mass murdering scumbag. Alan also has a (very small) bulge in his trousers for Fidel Castro another murdering scumbag who oppresses homosexuals and anyone who wants to be free.

Do have a look at his additional costs PDF - cleaning, food, mortgage interest, even his council tax all claimed back off of you. Even £10,000 on a replacement kitchen, vital for ones work as a socialist MP I am sure. Oh and a bill also paid for by us for fence posts and work done on the garden; also vital for his work as an MP.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

He's only been asked to pay back a poxy 500 quid yet he's moaning ? What a twat. Prospective future employers take note.

Fidothedog said...

I want him to go to court, use our money to do and lose the case, then face a fucking huge legal bill to repay the fees as well.

Then for his family to die of plague, his assets to be seized by the bailiffs and his accounts closed under proceeds of crime - a bill he supported.

Then he be thrown out onto the cold streets to be spat at by the lowest of tramps.