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Yet another New Labour tax.

The cyclopedian PM has his beady glass eye on car boot sales now, in a rather sad and desperate attempt to fuck over the taxpayers of the land yet again.

Gordon Brown was accused last night of a ‘tax blitz’ on Britain’s car boot sales in a desperate attempt to raise more revenue.
Valuation officials admitted that those who run the popular events could face tax rises in a revamp of property levies to come in next April.

They confirmed that landowners, including farmers, could be hit with bigger business rates bills if they hold regular sales.

The move has brought fears that the tax hikes will be passed on to customers in the form of higher admission fees and more expensive goods.

Last night, the Tories claimed bargain hunters would be the victims of ‘yet another assault by Gordon Brown’s tax inspectors’.
Another day, another stealth tax rise, welcome to Cyclops Brown's "Cool Britannia."

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