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Twatter Tzar Kerry McCarthy - Wants to ban nasty Nick.

The Rt. Hon. MP for Mogadishu East has a problem with BNP leader Nick Griffin using the Mother of all Parliaments, she says:
For the past few days we've been trying to get a bit of business through at the end of the day entitled "Access to Parliament (United Kingdom Members of the European Parliament)". It amends the current law which allows all MEPs parliamentary passes, on the grounds of 'growing pressure on parliamentary facilities' (according to the explanatory memo) and the absence of similar arrangements for other elected representatives, e.g. members of the devolved assemblies.
Of course this would have the entirely desirable side-effect of preventing Nick Griffin from strutting his stuff through the corridors of Westminster at will.
Ah right, so see an elected official you now want barred, who has been allowed to come in as MEP's are into Parliament and her main reason for amending the law is that, well she doesn't like him.

Well if are to talk about undesirables wandering about the centre of power, then there are many a former terrorist from Northern Ireland who has packed away his semtex, taken the automatic rifle down to Cash Generator and been elected to office. I for one think they should all be swinging from a rope like Saddam, still let bygones be bygones an all that. Besides best not complain to much as I am sure they still know a few folk who can post a bomb or organise a kneecapping.

Then we have the large number of strange guests that MP's bring in for chats, Claire Short and her jihadist friends as just one example. See what Kerry misses is, objecting to Nick Griffin and the BNP is not a good enough reason to bar them from access to government. 

But there one point that has missed what passes for a brain in Kerry's head, the subject of spin. Now imagine if she gets this passed, no politician who saw the potential to make political capital out of it would fail to do so and you can bet that the BNP would play this point. After all they could play the aggrieved party and have her own blog to credit as she has openly stated that her aim is  "preventing Nick Griffin from strutting his stuff through the corridors of Westminster at will."

Anyway back to the Twatter Tzar.
This type of business goes through on the nod, unless someone shouts 'object', in which case it gets deferred to the next day. Christopher Chope, the Conservative MP, has been making a special point of coming into the Chamber each night, just to shout 'object'. It's really about time he explained why.
Oh, it really must be difficult being Kerry when even the bleedin obvious flies past her like migrating geese, so I shall spell it out. Parliament is for everyone.

There are 60 million of us and just 646 MP's. Kerry seems to think that a ban on Nick Griffin and some other "undesirables" would be a good thing.

However, what we have seen before is mission creep, they ban Nick Griffin today then who get's banned tomorrow? It has happened before and as Kerry herself states it "amends the current law", a few more amendments and then its you, me, someone who wants to expose a sleazy MP.

If all the fiddling, house flipping, lying and attempts to cover up graft, sleaze and assorted MP filth has shown us anything it is that we need more "open government" and less control in government.

If Kerry really believes in democracy she would be campaigning to extend access for MP's in the Welsh Assembly and other buildings, not removing MEP powers just to get at someone she dislikes. Mind if she believed in democracy she would translate her blog into Somali as that's what more of her voters speak as a first language anyway.

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5 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

I assume under Kerrys new bill, that Mandelson wont be able to speak, or enter parliament either, owing to the fact that he has never been elected anywhere, or by anybody.

Anonymous said...

I think she will be adding an arse bandit amendment, to allow unelected peers who run government for Gordon to speak.

Anonymous said...

Gives another meaning to the term "The McCarthy witch hunts".

Only this time it's the neo Communists alleging ficticious crimes.

Anonymous said...

I could see a point in banning politicians who are members of illegally constituted parties, but to pass laws to deny access to the instruments of government for an elected servant of this country is simply wrong.

This is certainly not the way to defuse the BNP and its growing appeal to citizens of this country.

Question Time is going to be interesting this week! I really hope the audience has the courtesy to at least listen to Nick Griffins viewpoint before booing him. I may not agree with someone but I will give them a chance to speak before I respond.

Fidothedog said...

Agree with all the points, although and I dont mean to sound like I am taking the piss or anything; but it might be worth everyone letting Kerry know what you thing.

True, I know you wont be published, called a nazi by her fans and otherwise ignored but its worth a try.

Whats the worst that could happen, maybe she bans you from following her on Twatter? Oh yes, she did that to me...