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Banned in the name of equality.

In a word wankers!
staff at nearly 50 libraries were ordered to remove their collection tins and boxes - in the name of equality.
Officials ruled they could not be seen to support 'particular charities at the expense of others'.
The ban, which applied to all 48 libraries in Derbyshire, was yesterday described as 'scandalous'.
Staff were sent an email on October 28 warning them to remove any boxes from public areas 'immediately'.
The memo, from Ann Ainsworth, the county council's 'Operations Manager, West', said: 'I need to reinforce that the County Council does not support specific charities and does not provide opportunities for any charities to collect donations via Derbyshire Libraries.
'This ensures it maintains a neutral position and does not favour particular charities at the expense of others.
'Clearly this also excludes collection boxes for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
'Please ensure that collection boxes have not been accepted for public display during this year's appeal in any of our buildings.'
A source said the order had angered staff at one of the affected libraries, in Whitwell.
Eddie Roper, who used to run the adjoining village community centre, said: 'The staff can't understand the decision. Nobody ever complained about it.
'Poppies raise money for the families of our war dead and our injured soldiers. By buying one we are honouring their memory.
'They should be put back in the library immediately.'
You just know that some tofu munching public servant who votes Labour, is probably a muslim has planned this in order to push their own political views under the excuse of equality.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

Seems by her statement and in her timing that this was aimed especially against the British Legion. Any way of confirming that a) she is merely enfocing her own prejudice and b) does she have the power to do so ?

Ann Ainsworth ( any relation to Bob ? ), the county council's 'Operations Manager, West', needs a good C**ting at you know where.

Fidothedog said...


banned said...

Apparantly the ban has been overuled but I'd still be interested to know if Anne was abusing her powers.