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Burn Cyclops burn.

Such a shame it won't be the real one being toasted in a wicker man.
AN effigy of the Prime Minister will be burned at the bonfire night and fireworks celebrations in Ripon next week.
The organisers, Ripon Gunpowder Plot, decided to make a giant Gordon Brown figure after consulting with sponsors and members of the public about whose face they would like to see on the Guy at the event, which takes place at Hell Wath on Friday, November 6.

Committee member John Richmond said: "Guy Fawkes did want to blow up the Houses of Parliament; it was a political plot, so we wanted to keep a political theme and with the economic situation as it is and an election coming up, Gordon Brown was the perfect choice."

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

Chuck a couple of faggots on the pyre as well. Mandelson, Levy and Bryant would be suitable burning

Gigits said...

LOL at Brew Wales comment!

I immediately drew parallels with The Wicker Man as well. Just posted about it :-)