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Harridan Harperson on MP's employing their wives.

Harridan shows she is out of touch yet again.
MP's should not be forced to sack any relatives they employ as a result of an expenses review due this week, Commons leader Harriet Harman has said.
Sir Christopher Kelly's review of pay and perks is widely expected to recommend an end to MPs using their allowances to employ relatives.
Ms Harman told the BBC something could be done for the future but it would not be fair to axe existing family staff.
"They can't simply say 'you've all got to be made redundant'," Ms Harman said.

Well yes they can, oh and the court of public opinion which she so famously quoted with regards Sir Fred pension says "fuck em." Fuck the MP's who employ their inbred wives, dribbling sons and other fuckwit relations who otherwise could only find work assembling goods for some agency that provides work for mental retards.

Oh and the court of public opinion also says a mighty fuck you to all the hundreds of assorted lying duplicitous cunts who have shafted us with their expenses, no wonder so many are standing down as they know full well they have fuck all chance of being re-elected.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Hariey Hardon. I AM the Court Of Public Opinion and I find you GUILTY.
Stick her head in the oven and burn her face off till she is dead.

Fidothedog said...

Sounds good to me :-)