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Jackie Ashley - On Cameron an Europe.

She is banging on in The Grauniad about how useless David Cameron is going to be.

As opposed to the raging success that Cyclops has given us? She misses the point that we are all so sick of McCyclops and his utter cunting of the UK economy that anyone would be a better choice.

She wastes her time banging on about Europe for most of her article, an shock horror, I shall have to tell her that most voters really don't give a flying fuck about Europe one way or another.

What they are concerned about is not having a job, being a victim of crime, seeing their towns turning in just 12 years from a nice place to live into downtown Mogadishu.

They are fucked off with failing services, ever rising taxes and a corrupt self serving state run by a remote political class that at every level from parish council to No.10 ignores, derides and otherwise fails to speak for them.
I notice that Obo has also covered this and agree she is an utter bumwipe.

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