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Still awaiting on them alligators David?...

Dof of the cap to Dick Puddlecote who points out that something might just be wrong on that Global Boring Warming theory.
Alpine ski resorts have welcomed a first blanket of snow, allowing some to open early and raising hopes of a bumper season despite the economic downturn.

In Verbier, Switzerland, where one in five tourists is British, more than a mile of ski runs opens today for weekend skiing. It is the earliest start to the winter season for 11 years thanks to the 50cm (19in) of snow that has fallen this week.
So no alligators basking off the Swedish coast as David Miliband claimed.

Shame that, as I could do with a new set of luggage and some shoes. Maybe he should stick to line-dancing...

2 people have spoken:

nemo_sum said...

Or maybe he could stick that banana, sideways up his arse, the little cunt.

Fidothedog said...

Best use for it I think.