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John Denham - Talking down to whitey.

There there, you see we are listening says Government non entity as he overlooks the obvious facts.
The communities Secretary called for a new focus on the needs of poor whites affected by mass immigration.

Mr Denham said areas with high immigration levels felt a sense of ''insecurity and unfairness'' because of the impact of new arrivals on jobs and public services.

Well its only taken him 12 years to wake up to that fact that immigration is out of control. So who's fault is that, which party was it that opened up the floodgates in an attempt to enforce multiculturalism here in the UK? Oh, it was Labour.

They chose to open the doors, allow in who knows how many, government figures don't mean a damn and then they accuse anyone who spoke out of being a racist.

Now John has decided it's time to give the white males a patronising pat on the head and talk about councils doing more and to include them, not that he would come out and admit that they have been consigned to second class status in their own land.

''Agencies which have been blind to these issues, or thought their only remit was to address minority issues, must re-assess the way they work.'' - Well that's mighty white of you John, after all its us taxpayers who fund all these agencies.

If Government policies are seen to be unfair, he said, they could be exploited by groups seeking to ''drive people apart''. In other words John and his expense fiddling mates are shitting bricks that many a marginal Labour MP will be kicked out come election day.

''We have to avoid the perception that some groups are singled out for special treatment,'' he said. What like say money being funded to schools with Islamic links?

But can you take this guy seriously, this is a champagne swilling socialist who thinks his expenses more important than voting for Gurkha soldiers who took up arms for this land. A vote which was thankfully defeated.

So lets have a look at this "representative of the people", or rather his expenses(PDF)
£200 on food, £1400+ a month on his mortgage, £71 utilities, £110 council tax, £100 cleaning, oh and £2792 on damp proofing his bathroom back in 2007.
SOUTHAMPTON MP John Denham has lifted the lid on his Parliamentary expenses and revealed he spent almost £2,500 of taxpayers’ money on furniture for his London home.

The Daily Echo can today reveal for the first time that Mr Denham’s claims for his second home – which totalled £87,729 between 2004/5 and 2007/8 – included £1,590 for two armchairs, £475 for an “Alana” rug and £474 for six kitchen chairs.

Rt Hon. minister for damp proofing and "Communities Sec" seems to be worrying more over his perks than the British people?

John "dhimmi" Denham can be contact at 20-22 Southampton Street, Southampton, SO15 2ED
PHONE 023 8033 9807
FAX 023 8033 9907
EMAIL john@johndenham.org.uk

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