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'elf and safety' in Sandwell: Gnomes, tissues and ducks.

From Big Brother Watch and the Express and Star
Council chiefs have apologised for mistakenly banning families from putting gnomes outside their houses over health and safety fears..
Linda Langford, 57, was told her two six-inch garden gnomes should be moved from the front of her council flat in case people trip over them.
The garden ornaments, one hitting an anvil and the other reading a book, have stood outside Miss Langford's home in Tipton, West Midlands, for the last nine years.
Miss Langford, who lives in a two-storey block of flats, was stunned after receiving the letter telling her to remove them from the corridor outside her home.
A welcome plaque on her wall and her doormat were also marked as serious health and safety risks, according to Sandwell council.
The same council who fined a woman for dropping a tissue as well as ensuring we are kept safe from the dangerous "crime" of feeding ducks.

I am sure the voters in Sandwell are oh so impressed at this waste of their council tax.

2 people have spoken:

Dr Liz Miller said...

Are these gnomes related to the gnomes illustrated here? because if they are even distant cousins, that council is in trouble.

Fidothedog said...

Could be, but I am sure that council will ban them all in good time ;-)