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John Spellar MP fails at airbrushing.

I just popped over to read an article on John Spellar's website on the sacking of a drugs adviser an there it was gone. Or rather to be more accurate half gone.

A very poor show from a Labour MP, I mean if he is to airbrush history and remove stories he should learn to do so in a proper manner and not leave just the headline.

John is however rather good at hogging his allowances and regularly charges you £100 a month for cleaning, tucks into the free food allowance that you give him and even has you pay his council tax and mortgage interest for him.

We even paid his insurance policy for him, cost £177 quid, oh and of course we picked up the bill for all his utility bills including his TV license; after all he is an MP and so far to impotent sorry important to pay them himself out of his £64 grand a year wage.

He even billed us £600 quid for work carried out on a tree.

Although to be fair he did attempt to save money by stopping the Gurkha's from settling in the UK, a bill that was thankfully defeated. He also did his best to stop you looking into MP's business. An authoritarian cock he also voted for 42 days

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Clearly a gonner, accepting The Gordon Brown handshake like that
, the Handshake of Doom.

Fidothedog said...

In his case I hope the curse of McSnotty hit him hard.