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Life in Soviet Britain.

A typical day under the ruling New Labour communists:

Don't mention a yobs name as it will break his human rights.
A couple have been ordered not to name and shame the yob who smashed their shop window - in case it infringes his civil liberties.
Christine Lusby wrote 'damage done by Ben Hill' on the boarded-up windows of the village store after the known troublemaker went on a drunken rampage.
But a police officer who saw the message told Mrs Lusby, 62, and her husband Dennis to remove it because it was taking away Hill's civil liberties.
Soviet style policy policing in action there. Although it doesn't stop there, as even 6 year old children can be condemned as evil racists.
The parents of a six-year-old girl are outraged after their daughter was branded a racist for telling a black girl she had chocolate on her face.
They fear the incident could 'haunt' her throughout her time at school.
Sharona Gower had been eating chocolate mousse and was playing with a friend when she was chased by two 11-year-old girls.
When one of the older girls, who was black, said Sharona had chocolate on her face, the youngster replied: 'Well, you've got chocolate on yours.'
The older girl wiped her face and said: 'I've got nothing on my face, actually.'
The girl then complained to a teacher, who gave Sharona a telling off.
But when Michelle Gower, 34, went to collect her daughter from school, she was told the incident was 'racist' and that a complaint had been logged.
There you go, age is no excuse for thought policing. Thankfully there is someone who is fighting back against the snooping by the state employees.
A mother branded a council which spied on her family 21 times to see if they lived in a school's catchment area as ' ludicrous and completely outrageous' yesterday.
Businesswoman Jenny Paton, 40, her partner Tim Joyce and their three children were subjected to an extraordinary covert surveillance operation by Poole Borough Council to establish whether the family lived where they claimed they did.
Using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) - dubbed a ' snoopers charter' - the family were followed for three weeks by council officials.
And best of all the police that everyone pays for has been shown to have largely failed in it's duty as residents hire in private security.

Whilst all this happens Comrade Gordon allowed in millions of illegals jihadists and others from abroad and bribing them with benefits will save Gordon.

Remember come polling day that this is a party that thinks you should have a license(and pay ever higher taxes) in order to buy a packet of cigarettes or to go for a beer.

A party who's leader has stated that single mothers should be shipped off to state run gulags.

Led by an unelected leader who it is claimed is taking lots of happy pills:  MAOIs - which stands for Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors - which are generally a last line of treatment for major depression, when other anti-depressant drugs have failed.

Twenty years ago the Berlin wall fell and millions voted with their feet to live in a free west, now somehow we have recreated the worst of the Soviet empire here in the UK.

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