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Helen Goodman grasping thieving hoon.

Who claims women won't stand as MP's if they can not claim cleaning.
Women will be put off standing for Parliament unless they are able to hire a cleaner on their expenses, a female minister claimed today.

Work and Pensions Minister Helen Goodman made the astonishing claim in the wake of a call this week from Parliamentary sleaze watchdog Sir Christopher Kelly to ban expenses claims for cleaning in future.
Miss Goodman, who earns £96,167 a year, suggested that the cleaning ban and other measures included in the Kelly crackdown on MPs’ expenses was sexist as it was usually women who did the family cleaning.
Well its not just female MP's claiming it, almost all the thieving scum in The Commons are at it. Mind Helen likes her expenses, having fucked us all over for the following: £10,071 stamp duty and £707.47 for a surveyor.

To buy the property, Mrs Goodman took out a £365,000 mortgage and claimed mortgage interest payments of £1,456 a month.

She also claimed £686 for furniture, £341.05 on carpets and £180.50 for china. She made further claims of £350 for a walnut desk from an antique dealer, £1,210.73 for curtains, £696 for sofas, £202.50 for roller blinds and £243.60 for glass and china.

Lots of money for her expenses but she thinks it should not be spend on helping Gurkha's settle in the UK.

She clears a cool £96 grand a year and yet thinks we should fund her electric, water, tv license and assorted utility bills, even down to the £400 a month allowance for MP's to eat like fucking pigs at our expense(yes she looks like she should shed a few stone) as she claims them all back off of us.

Roll on the day of the election...

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