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Why did the African cross the road? To get your tax money of course.

This is reported as a good thing on BBC Pravda.
Some of the world's poorest countries are to receive a cash injection of £1.5m from the UK government to help improve road safety.
Road accidents are now a bigger cause of death than malaria in developing countries, with one person dying on the roads every 30 seconds.
The funding will pay for pedestrian crossings and better road markings.
It was announced at the first ministerial global road safety summit, which was held in Moscow.
Minister for Development Gareth Thomas said the road safety statistics in developing countries were "shocking".
No Gareth, the waste of our tax money on shit like this is shocking. Mind you, Gareth has a long history of wasting cash as I pointed out before.

He also voted to keep MP sleaze out of the media. This odious little scumbag also thinks pissing away your cash on kitchen equipment is a viable expense worthy of an MP. Aside from that he claims for cleaning, not sure if cleaning is a term used in MP land for money on rent boys? Dips into the free food allowance of £400 a month despite being paid £64K as an MP, oh an claims his utility bills back off of you.

Remember folks every penny these cunts waste adds to the £6000+ quid a second being added to the national debt.

3 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

Anybody who has spent time in Africa knows that the only thing that will happen to level crossings is that they will be pinched to make something.

Anonymous said...

British tax payers are being refused liver cancer drugs because they are "too expensive" yet we give 1.5 million to africans so they can cross the road!! Are they worth saving if they havent got the sense to look before they cross?

Fidothedog said...

Indeed anon, I am sure that Chancellor Darling and McCyclops will print off more money to pay for it all.